Just Jack

Category: Packaging

Challenge: create a reusable package where the reuse relates back to the original product.

Solution: a shirt holder which turns into a shirt folder!




Jack is a multi-use packaging project that was created in collaboration with Margarita Marroquin and Amy Wong. The goal was to create packaging that could be re-purposed in a way that was relevant to the original item it contained. Using a classic, flannel shirt, the package doubled as a shirt-folder when deconstructed. In box form, three tabs hold the box together and a front cutout displays the shirt. Corrugated cardboard panels attached with fabric hinges ensured that the folding mechanism would have longevity. After removing the shirt, a functioning shirt-folder remains and is easily stored away for future use. The overall theme is rustic and relates to the idea of mountain men and outdoor living while bringing in an element of hyperbole and humor.